Dispelling the Myths (frequently asked questions)

Q:  We are being told that the current board of Trustees have comitted breaches of charitable trust, and are under investigation by the Charity Comission.   Is this true?

A:  This is factually and legally incorrect.   All the actions taken by the Trustees have been validated with legal advice as due diligence requires.   The elected Trustees raised concerns that the previous acting chairman, Mr Frank Courtney, was breaching his legal duties as a Trustee, operating the WSRA in  a potentially unlawful way. The six elected Trustees were legally bound to take reasonable action to restore good governance which they did through a legitimately held Trustee Board meeting held on 15th February 2016.  It is understood since this time written evidence has been found confirming their concerns.  However, no further information is available at this time as Trustees continue to operate in accordance with due diligence, proper procecdures and with the necessary legal advice.  This includes liaising with the appropriate authorities including the Charity Comission.

 Q:  We are being told that the current elected trustees are under investigation for fraud by the police!

A:  Emphatically not.  In fact, so concerned were the current Board of Trustees about this, the police were approached and have found that  Mr Whitehouse, of the 'reform group' had made such a complaint to the police in early November.  As we understand it a from the Police National Fraud Office a complaint must be investigated and concluded with 8 weeks.  No action is being planned so it appears no case has been found to answer.   All the actions taken by the Trustees have been made in accordance with charity and company law and comply with the WSRA's objects and Articles of Association. In fact if the Trustees were minded to be confrontational they could file a counter complaint that Mr Whitehouse and the reform group were wasting police time.

Q:  Can the Board of Trustees explain why the Board of Trustees meeting held on the 15th  February 2016 is valid?

A:  All matters relating to the circumstances of this meeting have been put before professional legal opinion and the actions taken are in response to the advice received. The validity of the Trustees meeting held on 15th February is subject to the WSRA internal governance processes and for reasons of due diligence it is inappropriate to provide further detail at the current time.  However, the Trustees are acting in accordance with Company and Charities law, as well as the WSRA Articles of Association at all times. 

Q:  Why have the Board of Trustees appeared to ignore Article 17.4 of the WSRA’s governing document which requires all Trustees  to be  notified of forthcoming Trustee Board meetings?

A:  All Trustees were invited, no articles were ignored and all Trustees decisions have been taken on the basis of professional legal advice received and made in order to avoid the WSRA acting unlawfully which is the duty of Charity trustees.