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Summary of Hoddinott Report
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4160 Valuation
A recent independent valuation of 4160 Ltd.
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David Holmes Interview
This article was published in the WSRA Journal No 140.
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Gowling Letter to Trustees
This letter is from the WSRA's lawyers Gowling WLG dated 1st March 2016. It states clearly that the EGM of 27th February 2016 was invalid and the original six Trustees had the legal authority to carry on the WSRA's business.
Gowling Letter.pdf
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March 2012 WSRA Discussion Document
Produced in March 2012 by Steve Roberts, Geoff Pateman, Tim Stanger, and Steve Williams. Titled the Way Forward this document outlined the desire by the authors to change the direction of the Association.
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This paper was produced by Frank Courtney in June 2014
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2012 WSRA/Plc The Way Forward
This confidential report was written by Roger Savill and Tim Stanger in January 2012 and was the first step in the proposal for the Plc to take over the assets of the WSRA.
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Background History:   This report was produced in January  2012 and was a very confidential report.   This report was drafted in utmost secrecy by Tim Stanger, a newly appointed Trustee and Roger Saville, Finance Director of the PLC,  the remaining WSRA Trustees were never consulted on these monumental  changes to the Association.   As it states it was proposed to transfer all the WSRA commercial assets to the Plc.   A small number of Trustees were privy to the drafting of this report, it was then presented to the remaining Trustees only after they had signed a non-disclosure agreement to even view the report.   After a very heated discussion among the Trustees the report was rejected.   Shortly afterwards, the Trustees that were privy to the drafting of this report, moved to the Plc board.    When these documents were first published on the National Preservation Forum in late 2015 Tim Stanger was very concerned that these documents had been made public as they were still considered secret five years later.   Why?    Is it that the aims of this report are still being pursued today?   Is this the root of all the conflict that is still going on now?     It would seem that the aims of the current protagonists is to change the basic structure of the Association, so it would appear that nothing has changed since 2010.   What is the urgent need to change so drastically and restructure a charity that has served the railway well for a considerable number of years. 

2012 WSRA/Plc The Way Forward Discussion Document
This second confidential report was produced in March 2012 by Steve Roberts, Geoff Pateman, Tim Stanger & Steve Williams. It outlines in more detail the Plc's proposals for its plans for the transfer of the WSRA's assets to itself.
WSRA Doc 0002.pdf
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